Customer Business Development City Supervisor


Job Location: ​Nantong​


Company description

Ferrero is a family-owned company with a truly progressive and global outlook and iconic brands such as Nutella®, Tic Tac®, Ferrero Rocher®, Raffaello®, Kinder Bueno® and Kinder Surprise®. As the love for our brands continues to grow, so too does our global reach. Represented in more than 50 countries, with products sold in more than 170, the Ferrero Group is loved by generations around the world. The secret to our global success? 38,767  dedicated employees who celebrate care and quality to craft a business, careers and brands we are proud of. Join us, and you could be one of them.

Diversity Statement

Ferrero is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture in which all employees feel welcomed and appreciated and have the same opportunities. We believe all of our people are equally talented in their own way. In nurturing the curiosity and natural abilities of our employees, we provide them, generation after generation, the means to succeed personally and professionally, enabling them to craft their journey at Ferrero. The diversity of our talents is what makes our work environment multicultural, innovative and highly rewarding.

About the Role:

The main purpose of the role is to achieve Sales Results as well as to develop coverage and the Ferrero business model for the city assigned.


Main Responsibilities:

1. 生意管理:

  • 制定并管理所在地区的销售预测;
  • 确保预算的合理管理,与业务目标相一致;
  • 开发和管理经销商和批发商,确定费列罗对客户的生意目标和政策,确保我们与经销商和批发商的业务流程的效率性;
  • 监督门店活动的执行,其销售条件、协议和相关店内KPI的完成情况;
  • 确保库存管理和控制,提出解决库存问题的措施;
  • 确保市场通路项目流程的效率性。

2. 跨部门合作和人员管理:

  • 确保全国和本地重点客户协议的实施
  • 执行通路行销市场活动,积极合理地执行店内活动
  • 发展和管理销售团队的销售能力和业绩表现,解释费列罗销售原则和商业政策,沟通新产品,新项目,促销等;
  • 完成地区经理或公司交办的其他工作。

Who we are looking for:

  • College degree and above, CET 4 level of English, Familiar with MS office; 
  • FMCG industry field sales management experience;
  • Have a good understanding of company policies and can effectively deliver the policies to subordinate;
  • Logical thinking, strong team management and leadership.


  • 大专以上学历,英语四级,熟练使用办公软件;
  • 具有快速消费品行业一线销售管理经验;
  • 对公司的政策有很好的理解,并能有效地向下属传达公司的政策;
  • 优秀的逻辑思维能力和较强的团队管理和领导能力。

How to be successful in the role and at Ferrero:

Consumers, quality and care are at the heart of everything we do. So, to be successful at Ferrero, you’ll need to be just as consumer and product centric as we are - dedicated to crafting brilliant results for consumers around the world.