Job Location: ​Halstead​

Halstead, Essex, UK

Company Description

Ferrero is a family-owned company with a truly progressive and global outlook and iconic brands such as Nutella®, Tic Tac®, Ferrero Rocher®, Raffaello®, Kinder Bueno® and Kinder Surprise®. As the love for our brands continues to grow, so too does our global reach. Represented in more than 50 countries, with products sold in more than 170, the Ferrero Group is loved by generations around the world. The secret to our global success? 38,767  dedicated employees who celebrate care and quality to craft a business, careers and brands we are proud of. Join us, and you could be one of them.

Diversity Statement

Ferrero is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture in which all employees feel welcomed and appreciated and have the same opportunities. We believe all of our people are equally talented in their own way. In nurturing the curiosity and natural abilities of our employees, we provide them, generation after generation, the means to succeed personally and professionally, enabling them to craft their journey at Ferrero. The diversity of our talents is what makes our work environment multicultural, innovative and highly rewarding.

About the Role:

Embark on a fulfilling adventure with Ferrero at our Eat Natural plant as an Automation Engineer, a crucial role that plays a key part in maintaining the seamless operation of our food manufacturing plant in Halsted. Working hands-on at the shop-floor level, your primary responsibility is to carry out preventive maintenance tasks and provide essential first-line maintenance support throughout our entire plant. Your expertise will be instrumental in upholding the highest standards in Health & Safety, Food Safety, and ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of our products. Join us in shaping excellence at every step.

Main Responsibilities:

In this dynamic role, you'll take charge of responding promptly to urgent intervention requests, strategically mitigating risks associated with Health & Safety, Food Safety, and immediate delivery. Beyond that, your responsibilities extend to the meticulous management of external companies within your competency, guaranteeing their on-site adherence to rigorous safety standards.

Operating across all plant areas, including Facilities and Utilities, you will implement a comprehensive range of preventive maintenance actions. This involves not only conducting routine functional checks but also actively exploring opportunities to seamlessly transfer advanced maintenance practices to our dedicated production personnel.

The meticulous logging of all activities related to equipment, including time allocation during each shift, will be part of your routine. You'll ensure that every spare part utilized is accurately logged, maintaining a transparent record of all maintenance-related expenditures.

Handing over your meticulous documentation, you'll keep the Head of Maintenance informed about any critical issues for the upcoming shift. Your role also involves contributing to continuous improvement processes by actively participating in collaborative problem-solving opportunities with the Head of Maintenance and the Production team.

Safety is at the forefront of your responsibilities. You'll take full accountability, ensuring the correct application of safety standards during maintenance interventions. This includes unwavering compliance with business safety processes and the immediate reporting of any concerns.

Your commitment extends to training and development. Collaborating closely with the Head of Maintenance, you'll maintain an exhaustive Training and Development Plan. This encompasses recording all formal training needs, diligently complying with training requirements to sustain current competence levels, and actively engaging in training essential for role development.

Who we are looking for:

In our pursuit of a skilled Automation Engineer, we extend an invitation to individuals with engineering experience, specifically those with a background in plant maintenance, coupled with a robust attention to detail and adaptability. Essential skills for this role encompass hands-on plant maintenance experience, outstanding problem-solving capabilities, and a steadfast commitment to Continuous Improvement Processes.

Integrity and takes ownership of their work but also exemplifies a proactive and responsive approach. Your capacity to seamlessly navigate independent tasks and collaborate within a team, fostering positive relationships and adapting to dynamic environments, holds immense value. If you effortlessly align with our core values and exhibit a dedication to operational excellence and safety, we encourage candidates resonating with these ideals to apply and contribute to the continued success of Eat Natural within the Ferrero family.

How to be successful in the role and at Ferrero:

Consumers, quality and care are at the heart of everything we do. So, to be successful at Ferrero, you’ll need to be just as consumer and product centric as we are - dedicated to crafting brilliant results for consumers around the world.