RMT (Maintenance Shift Manager)


RMT (Shift Manager)




  • Supervising maintenance, supporting interventions, collaborating in the implementation of new projects.
  • Defining, organising and managing the implementation of periodic revision programmes, ordinary, extraordinary and soft interventions, optimising the relative costs in order to achieve the determined production results, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, respecting the set deadlines. 
  • Coordinate and organise maintenance activities to ensure the functionality of the installations and the highest level of reliability and efficiency of the production lines. 
  • Evaluation of the maintenance policy and cooperation with the technical maintenance manager in the evaluation of the maintenance definition and in the collection and analysis of data necessary for the evaluation of potential changes in maintenance policies.
  • Programming of interventions: Developing a short-term plan by giving indications on the availability of resources (personnel, spare parts, external companies) and advising on postponing or accelerating certain interventions. Collect and analyse intervention needs such as anomaly signals to give indications on intervention needs. Predictive maintenance: collects all the weak signals detected on the production units in order to analyse them 
  • Execution of interventions: evaluates the intervention requests on call and assigns priority. 
  • Safety: ensures the correct application of safety standards and safe behaviour during the execution of maintenance interventions.
  • Management of relations with external companies.
  • Personnel management: Personnel selection and evaluation: Participates in the personnel selection and evaluation process, contributing to the definition of specific growth paths. Definition of the allocation of resources per position based on the needs derived from the production plans and the activities in progress. Management of holidays, training, absences, illnesses and increasing the competencies of the team.
  • Continuous improvement: Technical accounting: performs the final accounting of technical key performance indicators and analyses their improvements: detects areas for improvement both at the level of the maintenance system as a whole and at the level of equipment/machinery. Evaluation of initiatives: Evaluate proposals for continuous improvement at technical and economic level, ensure the development of those identified as valid and monitor the results once they have been implemented.


  • Degree in maintenance engineering or equivalent
  • Management experience in a technical department
  • Experience in personnel management
  • Full time position, possibility to work in shifts