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R&D RM Milk & Eggs Manager

Job Location: ​Alba​


Company description

Ferrero is a family-owned company with a truly progressive and global outlook and iconic brands such as Nutella®, Tic Tac®, Ferrero Rocher®, Raffaello®, Kinder Bueno® and Kinder Surprise®. As the love for our brands continues to grow, so too does our global reach. Represented in 55 countries, with products sold in more than 170, the Ferrero Group is loved by generations around the world. The secret to our global success? Nearly 35,000 dedicated employees who celebrate care and quality to craft a business, careers and brands we are proud of. Join us, and you could be one of them. 

Diversity Statement

Ferrero is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture in which all employees feel welcomed and appreciated and have the same opportunities. We believe all of our people are equally talented in their own way. In nurturing the curiosity and natural abilities of our employees, we provide them, generation after generation, the means to succeed personally and professionally, enabling them to craft their journey at Ferrero. The diversity of our talents is what makes our work environment multicultural, innovative and highly rewarding.

About the Role:

The main objective of the position are:

•    To develop a strategic approach towards raw materials development; 
•    To propose proactively alternative raw materials purchasing, leading F4G approach; 
•    To provide the development laboratories with the best raw material available in the market; 
•    To research and tweak ad hoc raw material to be used in the development of finished products. 

Main Responsibilities:

•    Identifies new raw materials in order to enable the development of half-finished and finished products. 
•    Identifies new raw materials for the improvement of half-finished and finished products. 
•    Proposes innovative uses of known and still unknown raw materials.  
•    Prepares, issues and updates the specifications of raw materials of competence. 
•    Supports the preparation and issuing of the related specifications (Quality). 
•    Analyses the data of experimental testing and taste, suggesting modification, and participating to the taste analyses to verify the product preservation. 
•    Coordinates laboratory testing in order to define raw materials carateristics.
•    Supports the process of raw material provision in order to have the availability of all necessary materials to do the trial defined and required. 
•    Proposes an alternative purchasing of raw material in order to provide value for the Company, keeping the high-quality standards. 
•    Collaborates with the relevant business units for the constant maintenance of regulatory updating (legislation and voluntary standards of the category) in order to quickly grasp any emerging problems or to take advantage of new opportunities. 
•    Provides to PTPM technical support for eventual problems related to raw materials resolution.  
•    Verifies the used raw materials possible improvement, through the study of technological-productive interventions among suppliers and through the study of alternative raw materials. 
•    Collaborates with the competent technical entities, in new machineries design or in modifying the existing ones and verifies the correct respect of quality standards, in order to ensure the raw materials characteristics maintenance.
•    Manages and coordinates the office, with HR support, assuring an effective management of the human resources, guaranteeing the motivation, the evaluation and the professional development.

Who we are looking for:

•    Deep knowledge of raw materials in particular related to milk & egg 
•    Understanding of raw materials technologies and processes
•    At least 7 years of experience in similar roles
•    Master Degree is required
•    Good knowledge of English (written and spoken)
•    Advanced knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Power Point, Word, Outlook);
•    Project management, Problem-solving, Decision-making skills.
•    Critical-thinking skills. 
•    Self-driven and capable of dealing with a complex stakeholder scenario, from R&D to Production managers and Operators 
•    Good cross functional team coordination skills in a Multicultural environment.
•    Good communication and interpersonal skills.
•    Flexibility, adaptability and aptitude to teamwork.

How to be successful in the role and at Ferrero:

Consumers, quality and care are at the heart of everything we do. So, to be successful at Ferrero, you’ll need to be just as consumer and product centric as we are - dedicated to crafting brilliant results for consumers around the world. 

Strong analytical mind, attention to details on one hand, and ability to cooperate with employees at all levels and great organisational skills on the other, would be key to success.  Employee contribution and engagement at Ferrero is based on the individual, team and organisation dimension, so you should have the ability to work independently, as a part of the team and build good relations with stakeholders at all levels.  Being flexible and dealing with a dynamic working environment as well as the ability to embed new knowledge and skills in existing competencies will definitely help you to become high performer here.